May 1988 to July 2000

The additional images for cat lovers.

I realize that I am mopping, trying to say goodby to this loving cat. The process is very hard. So as I write I have been collecting the scanned images of our live together.

Mee Mah 1998 to 2000 Mee Mah 1998 to 2000
Edgar and Mee Mah  kittens - 1998

Mee Mah was a young but a good mother to her kittens born December 22, 1998.

 Mee Mah  kitten  kittens 
Mee Mah and Boat Cat Mee Mah and Boat CatMee Mah is survived by Boat Cat who is 19 with 10,000 sea miles. I ssuspect this proves if you take a cat to sea that they must spend all of their life there. Boat Cat is does still not feel safe on the farm but once we were afloat again she has taken up residence on the fordeck seldom straying. Mee Mah on the other hand was fearless ashore yet nervous in storms on board.
Just not familiar with the feel.

Thank you for your time.

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