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May 7, 2003

Life goes on here as I muddle through trying to pull the post Edgar pieces back together.

I have no clear idea of the outcome of all this. As yet I am on a forever (it seems) wait mode as money drains away and the pension authority go through their paces.

Ft Stewart Office 2003

My life this spring has drifted with only fixed mid term objectives in mind. I have completed the tidy up of the mountain and the house listed but no acceptable offers yet. I will drop the price 5K and see if that can free me up from that piece of Ontario rock to follow a new path.

Lock 7 Trent Severn Waterway

As far as web work I have ended up is a race to solidify my position on the net with the nearly complete Trent Severn Waterway site. I now have the top level domain and the groundwork, meaning the number of pages and navigation instructions completed. I will have a week or so of shooting as soon as the leaves come out to fill in the upper reaches of the waterway from Lake Simcoe to Georgian bay where my image stock is not the greatest. On the other hand all the navigation is done and all but one or two maps which take the most time.

car at Waupoos

Needless to say this has kept me on the road which is where Mee Mah has becom so acomplished as a car cat. Here parked outside the building in Waupoos where Naughty Lass spent the winter she is absolutley at home in here car.

replaced rub rails on Naughty Lass

Mid term the first objective was to complete the sale of Naughty Lass so I would be free to move on. Much of my spring has been spent making certain that the boat will be ready to launch in time for me to both close the deal and get money for my surgery. As of today I am becoming extremely nervous that I will not have the boat sale closed in time even though I have solid paper. Selling a 30 year old wooden boat is not an easy task and I will do OK.

The new owners are above all paying their dues and are almost three weeks into the final refit to meet 2003 survey. Les and Wendy have become friends and I know then Lass will go to a good home. I am no completed all my major work and can relax a bit. On the other hand I work 15 times faster than they do and the project is running behind. For more on the refit and my boat life check out the latest Naughty Lass updates here. for picts of rebuild new owners etc check here or more Naughty Lass here

Mill Street window

Finally I get to life and pussy cat. Mee Mah has take to Mill Street very well, so well that she possibly prefers it to the mountain as there is a lot more for her to watch from her window. She is a darling. She travels without complaint in the car and gets better at sticking around ever day when we stop in strange places. It will no be long before she self loads herself into the car on call... Even at the marina when I work she is quite happy to base herself in the car and seldom goes very far.

her outsside post

In Napanee she has her set positions in the main widows. The downstairs when I am watching TV or eating .. while if I am here in the office she has a set of widows to watch the world from. So far so good, as she does not wander very far and is quite happy to sit on the porch to check out the morning which is an absolute cat requirement of life. When she goes out her favorite spot is directly below the principal window office she keeps in the dining room.

I have some more boat work on Miranda Leigh which will kick up a few more dollars and provide a boat to play with until she sells. If she sells! This was just an example of 2003 boat buyers as I tried to sell her for the price of her engine rebuild and not one serious or even real interest phone call at $ 15,000 for a boat he same age as Naughty Lass.

Enough of all this I had better get some more done today.

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