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On-Line Cruising Guide Special

$29 & $99 Super sale

Pay on-line, billed in USA dollars for $20 USD & $60 or Canadian Fund Payments

Our objective is to guarantee that your business has the presence you wish. We have seen all the form built sites which have become popular. However, we still believe in old fashioned interaction.

Send us your copy and choose a method of payment method to begin the process, and we will respond within 24 hours.

The problem with automatic up load cgi of pictures is placement and file naming which we do as part of our ongoing search data base. We much prefer that you simply e-mail us the url of your images or attach them to a e-mail once we begin the page creation process.

Page update April 11, 2003 Completing the full automatic form is ongoing and will provide a template presence very shortly.

Please use standard e mail reply temporarley as we refine the listing form.

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