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2001 update hotel Los Galeones is no longer available through Superclubs
Los Galeones  Chivirico Cuba
Los Galeones beach

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Los Galeones and Sierra Mar are 2 of the 4 SuperClubs Super-Inclusive resorts in Cuba. Los Galeones the smaller 31 room hotel is located in the village Chivirico, Guama, on the southern shore of Cuba, 60 kilometres from Santiago de Cuba. Hotel Sierra Mar the larger, and the more activities oriented of the two is 20 odd kilometers east of Chivirico on the road to Santiago de Cuba, both are Cubanacan developments.

Finding information on Cuban hotel resorts is somewhat difficult for those living in the USA due to pertaining political situation, although well known and very popular with people from most other countries.

SuperClubs Super-Inclusive resort properties are also available in Jamaica and the Bahamas where a fantasy dream vacation in the Caribbean can be yours. All Super Club resorts are ALL INCLUSIVE. Tipping is simply not permitted. So you never have to carry change or a wallet.

All meals, be it at a long and lavish buffets or the fine international dining in their specialty restaurants or the SuperSnacks, available on outdoor grill sizzling night and day, offer a standard of excellence seldom found elsewhere.

We include the hotel specifics of the two in the Santiago de Cuba for you on the following pages. You will notice that this site differs from many similar sites in that it is a story as well, not just a description of couple of hotels. Most of the thumbnail images will open to a large gallery image for your viewing with an accurate return link to the exact spot that you left.


We departed the Ice Syorm from Mirabel, Cuba bound, almost two hours late, so not arriving at our hotel, about one and a half hours drive from the modern airport in Santiago de Cuba, until almost 05.00 hrs. Sunday morning. But after escaping the Ice Storm what was an hour and one half trip from the Santiago airport to either of the Super Club hotels?


If you are lucky enough to arrive before dark this is an fast introduction to Cuba and what has happened under the US economic blockade. There is a noticeable lack of spare parts for the automobile mechanic in particular head lights, as you will quickly notice at night. On the other hand people are friendly, and in spite of all the tales to the contrary are very happy and do extremely well with what they have. One should remember that Cuba has the Highest literacy rate in the world and rank amongst the highest for Public Health Services,in spite of the embargo on medical drugs.

Once you clear the hills to the SW of Santiago you make your way along the shoreline where there are numerous new small craft shops. Past the many signs crying Viva Fidel and the mountain top watch stations. Winding your way past Whitefish Bay the small housing developments can be seen on both sides of the road. People still ride horseback as a method of transport and bicycles are common place. Also as well as motor trucks, horse drawn vehicles are still to be seen hauling heavy commercial loads.

There are two super Club Hotels on the South Coast and your bus will stop at both of them so if you are going on to Los expect another 45 minute ride. For now we will continue to our favorite Los Galeones, which is far from an entertainment capital, for young-uns we will be returning later to Serria Mar.

Los Galeonos

Hotel Los Galeones, is the smaller of the Super Club hotel chain, perched high on a hillside above the village of Chivireco. As you pass the public beach and cantina you can see the lights of Los Galeones far above you, atop an isolated hill, which helps form a well protected harbour. Turning off the highway in Chivireco you get your first real look at at the well tended Cuban homes of the area. As on many of the Caribbean islands the yards are populated by an abundance of animals such as goats, dogs, chickens and a great number of horses, all are well kept and show no sign of being under fed. There is no doubt that the Cubans know the value of looking after their animals

Within the first couple of hundred yards after turning off of the main road it becomes a first gear crawl up the mountainside to the hotel at the top. Should you be tempted to rent a moped be aware you may well have to push it up this hill to get home.


On your arrival you will be greeted by a very friendly and helpful staff ( even at 5 am.) at the plaza who will escort you to your room, baggage and all. Originally the hotel was a hospital some years ago, it is laid out along the top of the ridge with most of the rooms situated close to the central swimming pool and almost every one has a view of the ocean or the Bay. A nurse is in attendance at all times and a doctor is only minutes away. This also applies to the Sierra Mar.

This hotel has only 32 very comfortable rooms, which come complete with cable television, a modern bathroom with shower, and hair-dryer, together with a furnished verandah overlooking the ocean.

room view

We had booked the standard room with an ocean view, which is exactly what we were given. It was roomy and pleasant with a huge comfortable king sized bed. We found the housekeeping to be very impressive, fresh bed linen every day towels changed twice a day and our room was kept spotless throughout our stay. And remember this was at an hotel where tipping is forbidden. Be advised, you share hot water with the adjoining room, so early risers get the longest showers and sleepy heads get rapidly awakened by a nice cold dousing.


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