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September 7 to 12 2012


06:00 EDT Friday 7 September 2012



Sept 9 rain

Condition: Mainly Clear Temperature: 13.2°C Wind Speed: N 4 km/h
Today: Sunny. Increasing cloudiness late this afternoon. High 26. UV index 6 or high. Tonight:Cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening. Rain beginning late this evening. Risk of a thunderstorm this evening and overnight. Amount 5 to 10 mm. Low 17.




12:0M EDT Friday 7 September 2012


Gray Boy nip lolling

Condition: Partly Cloudy Temperature: 24.4°C Wind Speed: SSW 5 km/h

Shift Bid brought the end to Stream

Working to midnight is simply not an option.

I was robbed of a workable shift by one person.

I moved towards bankruptcy as the only viable option.

However with the way the contract was going and my overall stress level the reality is



06:35 EDT Saturday 8 September 2012



Condition: Thunderstorm with Rain Temperature: 19.1°C Pressure / Tendency: 100.0 kPa / falling Visibility: 2 km Humidity: 97% Dew Point: 18.6°C Wind Speed: W 5 km/h
Today: Rain with risk of a thunderstorm. Amount 15 to 25 mm. Wind becoming south 20 km/h this morning then southwest 40 gusting to 60 this afternoon. Temperature steady near 19.



Tonight: Mainly cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers and risk of a thunderstorm. Wind southwest 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming northwest 20 this evening then light after midnight. Low 10.


trying to make lower leaves



The following are as reprehensive as possible based on minimum of three months of charges, averaged out.





Sweetie lolling on front stoop


The deal is 100% clear.

The tenant understanding that the person who takes over upstairs is 100% responsible for code legal maintenance and every utility required to service the address. This include maintaining the heating and water systems to provide those services. If it breaks the tenant is responsible for making an appropriate repair at there expense.

Under no circumstances is the property owner responsible for one dime of keeping the place


Sept 10

These utilities will be placed in the lessees mane and if they are not paid on time be it known that this represents a breach of the agreement, and no other payments such as the mortgage or taxes will be paid by the owner.

Freaking Out. The storm blew the hydro and the AC did not restart. Ass a result there are over 50% of the babies suffering from heat stroke.


11:00 EDT Sunday 9 September : Partly Cloudy Temperature: 16.5°C Wind Speed: WNW 8 km/h

No Name Creek field


It is clean up day as I would expect that the authorities will consider any cannabis to be dried even if is is discard trims and males.




burning the weed

To comply with the regulations a carefully timed burn was conducted at the rear of the property. The prevailing wind carried any smoke away form residences, across a large field and eventually two streets over an industrial area where the City of Belleville has their Hazardous Waste Disposal and also the leaf yard disposal. The contamination when they fire that thing up is one hundred times more deadly. In any case best effort to properly destroy materials.


smoke drifts west away from residential to commercial

city works yard accross field Haz disposal

Best effort to comply:


06:47 EDT Monday 10 September 2012



Condition: Clear Temperature: 9.3°C Wind Speed: NNW 15 km/h
Today: Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud near noon. High 18. UV index 5 or moderate. Tonight: Clear. Low plus 5.

It is getting cold and the furnace DID NOT START!

furnace bled but no fire

So begins my holiday for 2012

Date : 09/10/2012 Shift : Shift2 Hours : 8 Status : APPROVED

This is potentially extremely bad.

The restrictions of working within a legal framework's rewards seem very far down the pipe.

Far too  many pitches away before getting commercial financial and licensing finished  resolved. 


Little Gray Cat


This is reckoning time as the house is demanding of cash and with heating season upon us the furnace stone is about to drop. The old reliable oil furnace has failed to spark. If a TSSA teck comes , they will want to check the tank which is in the grow

I cannot proceed as there is no money. I cannot do a midnight shift and that only leaves renting the house as a method of retaining ownership.



If another group of Oickle's manage to get in under the radar bankrupt and trashed house is the same either way. Renting was a huge disaster that keeps on giving.

Sweetie claims the gen pod for a while

The Oickles left me with at least another $4,000 of renovation to be able to sell. David broke the soaker tub fitting which will require tearing the bathroom and wall apart to fix.  Then probably a new fitting ($300 last time), that has to be another grand.

That is the better part of $6,000 that I would have to spend at this stage to make the house saleable.

13:00 EDT Monday 10 September: Mostly Cloudy Temperature:16.8°C Wind Speed: NW 15 km/h

Cellular taken care of pure expensive at $0.30 per min. But no activation no renewal no maintenance charge. When the $50 is gone the phone shuts off and I have to go to anyone of thousands of stores to buy a refill.

Done, I hate road trips, but done.

Next alligator, will be fixing the existing furnace hoping for one more season.



07:00 EDT Tuesday 11 September 2012





September 11 the creepy ala doncky dick sucking alah fucks work

Condition: Partly Cloudy Temperature: 7.6°C Wind Speed: N 5 km/h
Today: Mainly sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h this afternoon. High 23. UV index 5 or moderate. Tonight: Clear. Low 14. Wednesday:Sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h in the afternoon. High 26. Thursday:Sunny. Low 15. High 28.

I at least will never forget.

I had friend who died that day.

I had friends in the center and a fireman who was a friend.

FUCK Allah

Fuck Allah with a big donkey Dick while sucking a curly pig cock.

Do not get in my sights or build any minarets



Lock 18 Hastings Ontario

It seems so unfair that we were here when the shit hit the fan.

Lock 18 tie up at time of 911


Edgar and I Learned the news at 08:50 EST while mid Trent Severn in Hastings aboard Naughty Lass.




My friends NTFD helmet.

We don't deal with masked men for women abusers.

Rant over.




Nip harvest


Gosh Darn it is getting cool. 

Today the furnace thing must come together.

The kids do not like cold.

Another round of bleeding and holding override for 30 seconds. The furnace needs Fred the Furnace and my bet an igniter component.


08:35 EDT Saturday 8 September 2012:  Destruction of material  conditions Thunderstorm with Rain




15:10  EDT Tuesday 11 September 2012




Condition: Mainly Sunny Temperature: 21.7°C Pressure / Tendency: 102.3 kPa / falling Visibility: 24 km Humidity:64%Humidex:25  Dew Point:14.6°C Wind Speed: SW 18 km/h





16:30  EDT Tuesday 11 September: Sunny Temperature: 22.1°C  Wind Speed: SW 21 km/h gust 30 km/h



Rufus check Boswell


The September 2012 Resume and reference website has been updated. I applied for a position with HQL the new call center in town.

Rob is taken care of. He is however  extremely lonely and isolated without his scooter for transportation.

Sweetie likes DonsSweetie






Fred the Furnace has been and gone the sporran is $150 lighter. However, no additional inspections just swap the part out no questions and gone. Heat is an absolute must.

Tonight, I will check out Jody's thing as a possible business opportunity as Stream has crossed the line and I am now actively looking for other income.




07:00 EDT Wednesday 12 September 2012


September 12 wow


Condition: Sunny Temperature: 18.8°C Wind Speed: SSW 11 km/h
Today: Sunny. High 25. UV index 6 or high. Tonight: Clear. Low 11.





morning in the County

The old oil furnace behaved perfectly and I woke up to a warm house. Yahoo.

The natural gal line will go in at no cost whether or not I currently have a natural gas furnace. this is the best I can do as taking on more debt at this time is not the thing to do.


sept 12

Now the question is where to sell the RV for $1000 or not. That decision today.

It would allow me to pay off Don and most of the ANC start up if I follow Jody.


Meyers Pier

(CNN) -- The United States ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in a rocket attack on the U.S. Consulate in the city of Benghazi on Tuesday, President Obama said Wednesday.


house of the gray cat

Morris Sadek caused some serious shit for promoting a film con sided anti Mohammed. As a result a bunch of dearest bunnies did the sand flea act and over ran the embassy. All I can say it is time to add more machine guns and perhaps some flame throwers to these installs and see how the bugs will react to fire.


There is a veiled tide sweeping our country and the fools do not seem to realize what their immigration policies are wreaking. Look at the police report honour killings.
Infidel Forever

Tibetian Wok


TD cat food stop


Sweetie enjoys the morning su n in the front window



The Grow

Bud - you bet Sept 12


Bud room Sept 12




weed grow faster than lights



Mother room