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Page Updated May 20, 2002

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Feature Article Subject Date
Errant P 62 Cat Visit Svend Peterson and follow how he designed and built Errant himself 15 meg in size, with over 120 pictures 09, 2001
Intercostal Waterway North

Check this adventure aboard a 65' motorsailor built in 1929. Purchased in Florida traveling north in December via Intercostal Waterway. The 21 pages & 256 photographs cover the rebuild to working New York City by our Cruising Ca editor.

01, 2000
Cruising River Thames We travel from Oxford to London on a 42 foot canal boat compriesd of 15 pages & 200 + pictures 10, 1997
Steering South Transiting the Erie Canal not somewhat dated as this was my 1984 first trip, 15 pages 200 + pictures 03, 1998
About Us Your hosts 06,1998
Handy Rebuilds Build a fiberglass cored door 04, 2000
Our Boat Visit our vessel now an extensive site with hundreds of pictures and constructiuon rebuild insight. 09, 1999
Frozen in Aboard A short 3 page article on Kieth Burmaster living aboard his steel spray at Britt on Georgian bay 03, 2001
Boating Safety & Resources Subject Date
Fire Practical knowledge and log escerpts 10, 1999
Required Equipment CCG saftey equipment 1999
Operator Licensing Canadian requirements 11,1998
Canadian Entry Visiting Canada by boat 02,1999
Rental Forms Standard rental forms 11,1998
COLREGS Collision Avoidance Regulations inc whistle signals 12, 2000
Piracy Going South Read This 11, 2000
INDEX of Forms Data For your nav station 2000
Sail Plan & Recommendations Print them out for you nav station 07, 2000
Beaufort Scale Print them out for you nav station 07, 2000
Distance Conversion Tables Print them out for you nav station 07, 2000
Speed Conversion Tables Print them out for you nav station; 07, 2000
VHF Phonetic Alaphabet Print them out for you nav station 07, 2000
VHF Working Channels Print them out for you nav station 07, 2000


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